Glengoyne 10yo, Single Minded








Douglas Laing

Cask type

Refill Hogshead


Fruity on the nose with red apples and pears, followed by sweet honey and vanilla. Spiciness arrives with cinnamon, mixed with chocolatey notes and a touch of oak in the back.


Nicely sweet and fruity on the palate with creamy vanilla, apples, pears and apricots. Then a warming spiciness arrives with cinnamon, white pepper and oak before creamy honey and again vanilla take over, leading to a smooth finish.


The finish is medium long, slightly warm and sweet with malted barley, cinnamon and apple peel.

With water

There's more spicy notes coming through when a few drops of water are added while the delicate fruitiness remains stable. Creamy and sweet on the palate with vanilla and barley sugar, followed by a clear spicy note of pepper, nutmeg and oak. Slightly drier with oaky tannins. The finish shows medium length with a warming spicy core of nutmeg, cinnamon and oak.


A delicate 10 year old single malt bottled from a single refill hogshead from the Glengoyne distillery with a sweet and fruity core, nicely wrapped in warming spices. A perfect independent presentation of the style of this Highland distillery - enticing and good value for money.