Mackmyra Stjärnrök
ABV: 46.1%
Region: Sweden
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: Distillery
Cask type:
Oloroso, ex-Bourbon, American Oak, Swedish Oak seasoned with Cloudberry wine (17,000 btl.)


Colour: Gold.
Nose: Smoky notes with sweet vanilla cream, fruity sultanas and yellow dried fruits, mainly apricots. In addition honey as well as spicy flavours of sandalwood, juniper and a whiff of tobacco leaves.
Palate: Smoky and fruity with apricots and sultanas, plus creamy vanilla. Spicy and warming with herbs, cloves, some pepper, oak and orange peel. In addition, slightly mineral notes with juniper and a touch of ginger.
Finish: The finish lasts long with dried fruit, a little clove, tobacco leaves, ash and clear smoke.
With water: After adding a few drops of water fresher on the nose with orange blossom, citrus and vanilla. Also smoky notes, honey, a hint of pepper and ginger. Sweet, creamy and fruity on the palate with dried yellow fruits and vanilla. Warming and spicy notes of pepper, oak, ginger and a hint of tobacco leaves. The finish is still long with smoke, nuts, burnt caramel and dried fruit.
Comments: A complex whisky with a lovely balance of sweetness, fruit and smoke. The sweet and aromatic taste of the cloudberry wine comes through very nicely and offers a good counterpoint to the smoky notes and spicy tones of the oak casks used. A lovely winter warmer.


I thank Mackmyra Swedish Whisky GmbH for the complimentary sample and the photograph.