Tomatin 10yo, 2006-2016, Selected Single Cask Bottling, Germany - First Edition
ABV: 57,6%
Region: Highlands
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: Distillery (Germany Exclusive)
Cask type: First-fill Oloroso Sherry Butt (#2840, 548 btl.)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: The nose starts off with lots of caramel and sherry, followed by nougat, notes of coffee and espresso. Hints of raisins, spiced oak and cinnamon in the background.
Palate: Strong and intense on the palate with rich notes of sherry, figs and caramel. Lingering milk chocolate emerges with creamy nougat and hazelnuts. Warming with delicate spiced oak, white pepper and a hint of cinnamon.
Finish: The finish is long and spicy, with sherry, creamy nougat and hazelnuts. Subtle oak with a whiff of anise on the tail.
With water: A little bit reluctant on the nose when water is added. Soft and creamy with nougat, less caramel and sherry notes. Sweet, soft and warming on the palate with sherry, nougat and hazelnuts, followed by prickling oak and white pepper towards the finish. The finish is deliciously nutty with caramel and sherry. Becomes drier on the tail with oak and a hint of white pepper.
Comments: A pleasant dram. Delightful and intense. Delicate notes of chocolate, nougat and hazelnut in a glass! Reminds me of liquid Nutella. Good balance, nicely complex and not at all overpowered by the first-fill sherry cask. A quaffable bottling for the German market!

Tomatin 24yo, 1991-2015, Spirit of Caledonia
ABV: 53.5%
Region: Highlands
Price per bottle: °°°
Bottling: Mr. Whisky
Cask type: Bourbon Hogshead (132 btl.)

Colour: Bright gold.
Nose: The nose starts off with delicate vanilla, lovely mixed with yellow fruits - apricots and pears in particular. The alcohol is well integrated and not overpowering. Tender spicy notes of oak, cinnamon and subtle nutmeg nicely linger in the back. A shy but pleasant nose.
Palate: Deliciously sweet and fruity on the palate with creamy vanilla, icing sugar and luscious yellow fruits, again apricots and peaches. This is followed by a significantly spiciness of oak, black pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg. Very warm indeed due to the high alcohol content, too.
Finish: The finish lasts quite long with creamy sweet vanilla and toffee, accompanied by a bold warming spiciness. Subtle dry oak and bitter fruit peel on the tail. Rich and coating.
With water: There's more fruit coming through by adding a few drops of water. The lovely apricot and peach fruitiness is joined by red apples. The vanilla sweetness is a bit tamed on the palate bringing luscious apples and peaches to the fore. Still warm and spicy on the tongue. The finish is long, warm and nicely creamy with more dry oak on the tail.
Comments: A pleasant dram with a lovely texture. Well balanced and enjoyable, with some complexity. A bit shy on the nose but the palate is considerably expressive. Although the alcohol is perfectly integrated, a little splash of water helps flavours open out more. A restorative dram for those relaxing, quiet moments in front of a log-fire.

I thank Mr. Whisky Michael Reckhard for the sample!

Tomatin 7yo, 2008-2015, C&S Dram Collection
ABV: 59.3%
Region: Highlands
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: C&S Dram
Cask type: Hogshead (#437, 313 btl.)


Colour: Pale straw.
Nose: The nose starts off with fruit, pears and a significant amount of vanilla. Fresh malt arrives with notes of yeast and a whiff of caramel, along with floral tones and a hint of sourness in the back. Obviously youngish, however, the alcohol is already well integrated and not pungent at all.
Palate: Bold, strong and nicely sweet on the palate with lingering vanilla cream, fresh green fruit and butterscotch. This is complemented by a significant amount of hot spice, pepper, oak, tannins and a whiff of heather. Immature, sligthly sour and leaven-like notes come through but again, the high alcohol strength is not dominating here.
Finish: A medium-length finish with delicate fruity and malty flavours, along with subtle floral notes. Sweet barley with a touch of dry oak on the tail.
With water: Vibrant and refreshing on the nose with more fruit, pears, grapefruit and a hint of melon's coming through. Sweet, creamy and fruity on the palate with still a lot of spiciness, leading to a medium-length and warming finish with delicate fruits and subtle malt.
Comments: A young whisky indeed showing its distinct distillery character. Although bottled at high cask strength, the alcohol is already well integrated. However, this Tomatin could have been left in the cask for some more years as the immature notes of yeast and leaven are a bit disruptive for my taste. Water may help.


I thank Caminneci - Wine & Spirit Partner for sample and photograph!