Miltonduff 10yo, G&M Distillery Label
ABV: 40%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °
Bottling: Gordon & MacPhail
Cask type: Sherry Casks


Colour: Gold.
Nose: A pleasant start on the nose with vanilla and some delicate fruity notes of peaches, yellow apples and lemons. Lingering honey emerges, along with some grassy and vegetal tones. Light and soft.
Palate: Fresh and sweet on the palate with peaches, apples and a whiff of lemons. Pleasantly warming spices arrive with cinnamon, pepper and a hint of oak. Acacia honey underlined with a slightly bitterness of orange peel and grassy notes towards the finish.
Finish: The finish shows medium-length with creamy notes of toffee and honey. Mouth-coating spices of cinnamon and nutmeg with slightly dry oak on the tail.
With water: Clean and fresh on the nose when a few drops of water are added. Plenty of vanilla, along with delicate yellow fruits and a slightly increased touch of oak in the back. There's more bitter notes of orange peel coming through, along with a slightly increased spiciness. While the pleasant sweet and fruity flavours are tamed, notes of dry oak are coming to the fore. The finish is medium long with honey, nutmeg and a whiff of dry cocoa.

Comments: A fine Speyside single malt with refreshing quality. Pleasantly light with a good balance of sweet fruitiness, honeyed vanilla and warming spices. A well preserved dram with reasonable complexity. Best to be appreciated on a lovely summer evening. Definitely no need for water here.


I thank Kirsch Whisky - The House of Whiskies for the sample and the photograph!

Miltonduff 10yo, 2006-2017, The Whisky Chamber
ABV: 59.4%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: The Whisky Chamber
Cask type: ex-Sherry First Fill Hogshead (#900874, 446 btl.)


Colour: Dark amber.
Nose: A pleasant start on the nose with a rich and typical sherry aroma spectrum: delicate notes of old sherry, figs, raisins, Demerara sugar and dark chocolate. Lingering dark caramel arrives, nicely mixed with notes of tobacco leaves, old cigar box and a whiff of oak spice in the background. The high alcohol content is well integrated.
Palate: Powerful and intense on the palate. Sweet, but not too sweet flavours of sherry, caramel, figs and raisins, nicely interwoven with delicate dark chocolate and white pepper. Very warming with pleasant nutty flavours and a sound dry oakiness towards the finish. Beautifully composed!
Finish: The finish is long, warm and creamy with a lingering nuttiness. Gets drier in the end with espresso and tobacco leaves. Nicely warming with subtle oak spice and black pepper on the tail.
With water: Fresh and lively on the nose with a splash of water. Besides the delicate sherry-derived flavours more spicy notes of oak and pepper emerge, while dark chocolate is slightly pushed in the background. Still bold and intense on the palate with less sweet aromas, subtle raisins and burnt caramel. This is accompanied by a significantly enhanced spiciness of oak, pepper and tobacco leaves. The finish shows good length with a warming mix of oak spice, pepper and lingering nutty flavours. Quite prickling oak on the tongue with dry notes of espresso and tobacco leaves on the tail.

Comments: The type of maturation has deeply influenced but not overpowered this Speyside single malt. The result is a full-bodied, rich and powerful dram with a classic sherry-derived flavour profile. Well-balanced with a pleasant sweetness, dry nuttiness and warming spiciness. Highly savoury! No water needed as the high alcoholic content is already well-integrated. Another big hit from The Whisky Chamber - not only for the sherry aficionado.

Miltonduff 9yo, 2006-2016, The Whisky Chamber
ABV: 59.6%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: The Whisky Chamber
Cask type: ex-Sherry First Fill Hogshead (#900873, 469 btl.)


Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: Rich, creamy and flavourful. A pleasant, bold, but not intrusive sherry note with dark fruits, cherries, dates, figs and rum-soaked raisins, mixed with a touch of Demerara sugar. Delicious aroma of toffee and milk chocolate arrive with time, lingering with subtle herbal notes in the back. A gorgeous nose!
Palate: Lovely sweet on the palate with a delicate mix of black cherries, dates, raisins and a beautiful rum note. This is immediately followed by warming spices - cinnamon, oak and tender white pepper. Intense but soft at the same time with dark chocolate and roasted almonds towards the finish.
Finish: The finish is long, warm and sweet. Gets drier in the end with cocoa, espresso and a lingering nuttiness. Soft and warm with tender oak spice.
With water: Very creamy on the nose with a splash of water. Besides the pleasant and sweet fruitiness the chocolate and toffee flavours significantly emerge. Clearly stronger on the palate with less fruity and sweet aromas, and a distinct malty and herbal note. Bitter flavours of orange peel and dark chocolate emerge. The finish is a bit shorter, warm and slightly sweet with cinnamon, hazelnut and dry cocoa.
Comments: A very delicate dram! This is a tiny sherry bomb with delicious dark fruit and a pleasant sweetness. Not overpowered by the sherry but creamy with a sophisticated flavour profile. Delightful and very savoury. No water needed as the high alcoholic strength is hardly noticeable. Soft and smooth compared to the coeval Tullibardine from The Whisky Chamber. It's worth to have them both in the whisky cabinet!


I thank Thomas Ide from The Whisky Chamber for sample and photograph!

Miltonduff 7yo, 2008-2015, C&S Dram Collection
ABV: 60.3%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: C&S Dram
Cask type: Hogshead (#16, 211 btl.)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: The nose starts off with a delicate sweetness of candy floss along with subtle toffee. Delicate yellow fruit arrives, mirabelle in particular, complemented by a gentle floral note and a fruity acidity of grapefruit and unripe grapes. There's a whiff of cinnamon and peppery spice with lingering marzipan in the back. The alcohol is present but already well integrated and not pungent at all.
Palate: The amazing candy sweetness continues on the palate with yellow fruit and almonds coming through. This is immediately displaced by a significant amount of spice, mainly pepper and nutmeg. Very warm and lingering with a whiff of marzipan and sticky honey on the tongue. Very delicate!
Finish: The finish shows a medium length of sweet and sticky honey, along with almonds and marzipan. A touch of spice emerges with oak and a slightly acetous note on the tail.
With water: Water opens the malt with more toffee and vanilla on the nose. Very creamy without any alcoholic peaks. Again very sweet and fruity on the palate with ripe grapes and orange, followed by a delicate warming spiciness. The finish is medium long with lingering sweet fruits and spice.
Comments: This young Miltonduff is deliciously sweet and tasty. Appears to be much older than just seven years. A very nice balance of delicate fruits, sweet flavours and warming spices. No sign of youthness any more. A few drops of water will make this awesome whisky even more smile. A real bargain.

I thank Caminneci - Wine & Spirit Partner for sample and photograph!