My Tasting-Notes of Selected Scottish and also Irish Whiskies

Here you can find my personal tasting notes of various Scottish and Irish whiskies. Independent and detailed.


These notes are also published on Facebook in my Whisky Blog (just klick on the photograph below).


These notes describe my own impressions of a particular whisk(e)y and might vary in comparison with bottlers or someone others notes.
Typically, my tasting notes of a particular whisk(e)y rely on the savour of a 5cl sample.

I am not at all a whisk(e)y expert. Thus I do not score whiskies as I do not want to judge the maltman's, mashman's, stillman's, and master blender's excellent and hard work.


The bottle price (when purchased) guide is as follows:
° € 20-50 ;  °° €51-100 ;  °°° €101-150 ;  °°°° €151-200 ;  °°°°° €201plus