Glen Keith 20yo, 1996-2016, Distiller's Art
ABV: 48%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: Langside Distillers
Cask type: Refill Hogshead (351 btl.)


Colour: Amber.
Nose: Fruity start on the nose with cherries, black currant and ripe oranges. This is complemented by creamy notes of vanilla, nicely mixed with barley sugar. Acacia honey, cinnamon and a touch of spiced oak in the back.
Palate: Spicy and peppery at first with cinnamon and oak. Then fruit arrives with oranges, cherries and black currant. Creamy and pleasantly warming. The warmth increases with a second sip. Slightly dry notes of grape peel, herbs and oak towards the finish.
Finish: The finish is long, warm and creamy with sticky fruit jam and prickling oak on the tail.
With water: Lots of vanilla on the nose when a few drops of water are added. Still fruity but less honeyed and tamed spices. Lovely sweet on the palate with vanilla, orange marmalade, and cherries. Then a warming spiciness of pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg arrives, followed by a whiff of dry oak towards the finish. The finish is still long and creamy sweet with honey and fruit. Peppery and prickling on the tail with dry notes of oak.
Comments: A tasty single cask bottling of a 20-year-old Glen Keith. It shows a beautiful balance of creamy sweetness, sticky fruit and winterly spices. Nicely complex with a warming and enjoyable long finish. Something for the quiet hours at the end of a long day.


I thank myDrams for the sample and the photograph!

Glen Keith 21yo,1992-2014, The Whisky Fair
ABV: 48.2%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°°
Bottling: The Whisky Fair
Cask type: Bourbon Barrel (201 btl.)


Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: Fresh on the nose with lingering vanilla sweetness, toffee and a delicate citric fruitiness. Becomes more fruity and juicy with time, packed with peach, apricot, mirabelle, yellow plum and mango. Liquorice with honey and a slight touch of oak spice in the back. Very appealing and inebriant!
Palate: Very fruity start on the palate! Tropical and orchard fruits - peach, banana, tangerine, mango, orange and pear, intermingle with a delicious sweetness of vanilla and toffee. This is all complemented by a massive load of warming spices - white pepper, ginger, oak and soft herbs. Once the spiciness fades away, sticky honey and plum jam linger with a fine note of cinnamon towards the finish.
Finish: Quite a long and fruity finish with a gentle herbal note of orange peel. Sweet honey with a hint of drying oak and subtle peppery heat in the aftertaste.
With water: As the fruitiness keeps on going, the vanilla sweetness and toffee notes are tamed by a splash of water, bringing notes of prickling oak to the fore. Still sweet and fruity on the palate with less warming spices. The finish is long, fruity, citrusy, with delicate cinnamon and drying oak on the tail.
Comments: This Glen Keith is simply excellent! An easy to drink perfect fruity style. A superb example of the fruity delight American Oak can bring to Scottish whisky. It’s more than fruit as there’s also great balance and an harmonious backbone of warmth, spiciness and oak. I prefer this fruity beauty neat. Sip, relax and you will feel in heaven.


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Glen Keith 20yo, 1995-2015, Travel to Mars - Special Edition
ABV: 48.6%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°°
Bottling: eSpirits Whisky for Liquid Treasures
Cask type: Bourbon hogshead


Colour: Pale straw.
Nose: The nose starts off with yellow fruit, melon and unripe banana, complemented by subtle malted barley, along with a noticeable alcohol note which isn't pungent at all. The fruity aroma increases with air while delicate toffee and gentle spice develop, along wth a hint of citrus. Very pleasant on the nose.
Palate: This Glen Keith starts smooth and creamy on the palate with yellow ripe fruit, melon and apples, however, less than the nose promised. Midpalate there's a significant amount of pepper, hot paprika and oak spice coming through with a whiff of dark blossom honey. Well-balanced and nicely mouth-coating.
Finish: A very long and warm finish with vibrant spice. Gets fruitier in the end with subtle yellow pear and apple.
With water: There's significant more fruit on the nose with less alcohol and spice. On the palate the yellow ripe fruit takes the upper hand along with an increased amount of delicate spice from oak and pepper, turning into a long, warm and fruity finish. Exceedingly delicate.
Comments: Very nice, well-balanced this. Yellow fruit and spice give a perfect level of attitude to this dram. I'd prefer to add some water as this lovely fruitiness increases complemented by a long and enjoyable finish.


I thank for sample and photo!