Tamdhu 14yo, 2006-2020
ABV: 59.7%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°°°
Bottling: Distillery (specially selected by and bottled exclusively for deinwhisky.de)
Cask type:
1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Hogshead (# 1913, 364 btl.)


Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: Delightfully dark fruit notes on the nose with raisins, blood oranges and mince pie tartlets. Accompanied by lots of sherry, dark chocolate, walnut and Christmas spices with cinnamon and nutmeg. Slightly floral tones with subtle notes of tobacco leaves in the background.
Palate: Powerful, rich and sweet on the palate with dark dried fruits and raisins. At the same time warming and creamy with toffee, walnut, cinnamon, oak spice and nutmeg. The alcohol is perfectly integrated. As soon as the warmth fades a little, the creamy sweetness is preserved and lingers for a long time with dark chocolate towards finish.
Finish: The finish is long lasting, intense, warming with creamy fruit, delicate nutty notes, slightly dry cocoa, spicy oak and a touch of tobacco leaves.
With water: More intense on the nose after the addition of a splash of water. The alcohol is more noticeable and prickles in the nose. It is accompanied by floral tones, dried fruit and distinct dark chocolate. The sweetness is lost a bit. Still strong on the palate and sweet with dried fruit and raisins. Less warming with a touch of spicy oak, cinnamon and nutmeg, followed by walnut notes, cocoa and tobacco leaves. The finish is still very long and slightly drier with spicy oak, walnut and tobacco notes.

Comments: A full-bodied, complex and extremely aromatic single malt from Tamdhu distillery. Powerful on the palate with a full load of dark dried fruit and Christmas spices, perfectly balanced by the long-lasting sweetness. You could just nose this dram for hours. Its taste promises an aroma explosion and lingers for a very long time. No addition of water is necessary. A superb single cask bottling!


I thank deinwhisky.de for the complimentary sample and the photograph!

Tamdhu Batch Strength, 2015, Batch No. 001
ABV: 58.8%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°
Bottling: Distillery
Cask type: American and European oak sherry casks


Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: Fragrant red berries on the nose, mainly cherries, along with dates, figs and raisins. This is complemented by delicate sherry, oranges, lingering vanilla creme and a touch of walnuts. A gorgeous nose!
Palate: Very intense and rich on the palate. Bold and sweet with sherry and dried red fruit. This is rounded with hot spices, cracked black pepper and chili. Extremely mounth-watering. Then lighter and sweet fruits come to the fore, orange and apricot, along with crème brûlée and delicate marzipan in the end. A very pleasant and appealing taste.
Finish: A delicious finish. Very long and extremely warming. Lingering fruitiness with sticky marmalade, sweet malt and a touch of delicate biscuit.
With water: Surprisingly, there's more alcohol coming through with a splash of water taming the fruitiness and the sherry flavour. A burst of hot spices on the palate with a hint of fruitiness in the background. The finish is hot, hot and hot!
Comments: This is an intense and spicy cask strength whisky. A very sweet and fruity dram with a bold burst of spiciness on the midpalate. It’s youngish but complex and the high alcohol strength is already well-integrated. Maybe it lacks some depth but to me it's definitely worth to have it in my whisky cabinet. I prefer this Tamdhu neat as water masks the lingering fruitiness significantly.

Tamdhu 10yo, Limited Edition - The 'Can-Do-Spirit'
ABV: 46%
Region: Speyside
Price per bottle: °°°
Bottling: Distillery
Cask type: 100% First fill sherry casks (1,000 btl.)


Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: The nose starts off with typical rich sherry flavours, dried fruits, dates and raisins, along with lots of Demerara sugar. Subtle notes of horse saddle leather emerge with slight citrus and oak spice. Bold and intense, but very smooth and pleasant.
Palate: There's less sweetness than expected from the nose with a slight bitterness coming through, along with a whiff of sulphur and lingering oak tannins. Dark honey flavours emerge on the midpalate complemented by warm oak spice, cloves and cinnamon. Full bodied and smooth. Dark ripe fruits with a remarkable depth.
Finish: The finish is very long and warm with lots of raisins, subtle toffee and lingering nutty flavours. The fruity sweetness along with lingering and prickling spice stick on your tongue for quite a while. Delicious.
With water: Along with pleasant sherry there's more sulphur notes on the nose. But what is that? Only a few drops of water seem to mute the aroma and wash out the palate completely!
Comments: This is a pleasant and delicate sherried whisky. Not very complex but rather straight down the line. Easy to drink with all the delicious sherry flavours an aficionado loves. BUT - in no case use any water!


I thank Thorsten Manus (Brand Ambassador of Tamdhu) for sample and photograph!