GlenWyvis 3yo, The Member's Release, 2018-2021, Batch 01/21










Cask type

First-fill Tennessee Whiskey Barrels (80%), First-fill Moscatel Casks (15%) and Refill Whisky Hogsheads (5%) (1,600 btl.)


Fresh on the nose with citrus peel, orange blossom and a hint of vanilla. In addition, fruity tones of mirabelle and apricot, accompanied by spicy notes and some herbs, mainly fresh mint.


Powerful start on the palate with spicy notes and a slightly peppery heat. In addition, herbal notes with citrus peel, apricot fruit and some honey. Becomes slightly sweet with toffee and a hint of caramel tones.


The finish is long and pleasantly warming with caramel and a little honey. Becomes increasingly dry with oak, some herbs and a slightly bitter citrus peel note.

With water

After the addition of water, clearly more citrus notes and vanilla on the nose, with the herbal aromas and mint being pushed into the background. Noticeably milder on the palate with a subtle peppery warmth. In addition, caramel tones, apricot fruit, creamy toffee and a hint of cocoa. The finish is slightly shorter and drier with oak, cocoa and discreet bitter notes of citrus peel.


An interesting Highland single malt whisky with a lovely fresh fruitiness (citrus and yellow fruit) accompanied by subtle sweet notes and dry oak tones. The alcohol is noticeable, but already relatively well integrated. Surprisingly versatile for the young age of three years. Makes you want to drink more bottlings from GlenWyvis in the future.