St. Kilian 4yo, Hand-Filled, Double Maturation, 2017-2022









Cask type

ex-Bourbon Heaven Hill / ex-Tennessee Whiskey Jack Daniel's Cask (#4838, appr. 290 btl.)


Clear smoky notes on the nose. Behind it, sweet vanilla and juicy barley come to the fore, accompanied by fresh citrus fruits like limes and some smoked ham.


At first some smoke on the palate, then a wonderful sweetness of vanilla, barley malt and dark toffee. At the same time bold and warming with a slightly peppery spiciness. Behind this are fruity notes of citrus and apricot, before dry ash notes lead over to the finish.


The finish is long and warming with creamy vanilla and a hint of apricot. Becomes increasingly dry with ash notes and subtle smouldering wood smoke.

With water

After the addition of water, a little more smoke on the nose with distinct smoked ham. Also a little fresher with lime and a touch of floral notes like mint and sage. Very sweet on the palate with lots of vanilla and some apricot jam. In addition, a discreet spiciness and tingling warmth. The finish is a little shorter with vanilla cream, smoked ham and smoky barley notes.


This Distillery Only bottling shows once again that a smoky barley malt recipe from St Kilian Distillers harmonises excellently with good ex-Bourbon casks. The result is a powerful single malt with a beautiful vanilla sweetness and corresponding smoky notes. A nice balance of smoke, sweetness, fruit and spice. More of this please!


I thank St. Kilian Distillers for the complimentary sample!