Timorous Beastie - Meet The Beast, Limited Edition, 2021








Douglas Laing

Cask type

100% Bourbon Casks (3,600 btl.)


Sweet and fruity on the nose with green apples and ripe pears. In addition, heather honey, creamy vanilla and some floral notes with a touch of milk chocolate. Anise, ginger and white pepper round off the spicy profile in the background.


Lots of sweet vanilla and fruity pear mingle with creamy toffee and milk chocolate. At the same time strongly warming on the palate with ginger spiciness, anise and white pepper.


The finish is medium to long, warming and creamy with honey, vanilla and a hint of chocolate. Becomes increasingly dry with ginger and oak spice.

With water

After the addition of water a little fresher on the nose with ripe pears, vanilla, honey and clearly more floral notes. Still sweet on the palate with lots of vanilla, toffee, pears and apples, accompanied by honey and milk chocolate. Less powerful, but still spicy with ginger and pepper. The finish is medium long and subtly warming with creamy honey and vanilla. Becomes drier with time with spicy oak and dark chocolate.


This limited bottling of Timorous Beastie at cask strength pleases with its nice balance of fruit, sweetness and warming spiciness. Not as intense as one might expect (probably more second-fill than first-fill Bourbon casks), but perfect as a companion for a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace.


I thank Douglas Laing for the complimentary sample and the photograph!