Blended Malt 18yo, 2001-2019, Mancarella








Mancarella (joint bottling with

Cask type

Sherry Butt (#7520, 344 btl.)


Nice sweetness of dark fruit, dates and sherry aromas rise to the nose, followed by tart orange, oak spice and some dark chocolate.


Very sweet on the palate with a sticky fruit jam. Then increasingly warming with oak spice, cinnamon, a touch of pepper and nutmeg. Then honey sweetness with a slightly bitter orange, followed by dark chocolate and hazelnut aromas.


The finish is long lasting, creamy with fruit jam and slightly warming. Becomes slightly dry towards the end with cocoa and fine nut aromas.

With water

After adding a few drops of water, the dark fruit sweetness remains, accompanied by Seville oranges and a touch of tobacco. Sweet and prickling on the palate with blood oranges and much more cocoa notes. The finish is slightly shorter with dry notes of oak, cocoa and hazelnut.


A lovely blended malt with sweet fruit aromas from the sherry butt. Not overly complex but pleasant to drink. I liked the interplay of sweetness, bitter orange and dry cocoa aromas here.


I thank for the complimentary sample and the photograph!