Cameronbridge 40yo, 1978-2018, Single Grain, Xtra Old Particular (XOP) Range








Douglas Laing

Cask type

Refill Barrel (DL12767, 215 btl.)


Sweet start on the nose with toffee, vanilla and warm cereal notes. Fruity with yellow berries and ripe peaches, accompanied by brown sugar, subtle white pepper and a touch of oak spice in the background.


Rich and intense on the palate. Sweet and fruity with caramel, vanilla, brown sugar and ripe peaches. Mouth filling and salivating. Then warming and increasingly spicy with pepper, ginger and oak wood.


The finish shows good length with strawberry and pineapple, followed by vanilla and dry oak notes.

With water

With the addition of a few drops of water, the grain becomes increasingly present on the nose with lots of vanilla sweetness, fruit aromas and prickling oak. Still very sweet on the palate with toffee, vanilla and juicy peaches. The finish is slightly shorter with vanilla and pineapple, followed by oak spice. Doesn't get drier.


This great single grain whisky from the Cameronbridge distillery was bottled from a single barrel after an incredible four decades of maturation. A stream of juicy, ripe fruit paired with creamy vanilla and toffee sweetness leads to a rich and lovely long finish. A delicious single grain and an excellent companion for enjoyable evening hours.


I thank Douglas Laing for the photograph!