Ardbeg Blaaack, Committee Release





Isle of Islay




Cask type

Pinot Noir Wine Casks


For an Ardbeg very subtle smoke at first, followed by a spicy sweetness with dark grapes, grilled bananas and some BBQ sauce. A hint of ripe peach, paired with tobacco notes and cloves. Towards the end a little more peat smoke and a bit of cowshed atmosphere.


First a fruity and sweet start, which immediately faces a spicy and peppery punch. Red grapes and cherries mix with grilled fruit and crispy bacon, seasoned with crushed black pepper and cloves. This is all wrapped in fine peat smoke with a slightly bitter fruity wine note towards the finish.


A medium to long finish with a fruity residual sweetness that gradually leaves room for dry oak, allspice and ash. Cold peat smoke lingers for a long time.

With water

A little fresher on the nose after adding a few drops of water. Spicy fruit aromas mix with delicious BBQ notes, accompanied by more peat smoke and distinct cowshed aromas. Clearly tamed on the palate with prickling fruit sweetness of grapes and cherries. Only a little peppery spiciness, surrounded by cold peat smoke. The finish is of medium length, slightly warming and fruity sweet. A little drier towards the end with oak, ash and peat smoke.


A really atypical Ardbeg - and I liked it very much. Not the bold peat smoke, citrus fruit and cowshed atmosphere, but fine, yet clearly perceptible wine and fruit aromas, which are wonderfully balanced with the spice of the casks and the perfectly integrated Islay peat smoke. An Islay dram, which, either neat or with a few drops of water, immediately takes you to the shores of this Hebridean island.



I thank Moët Hennessy Germany for the complimentary sample and the image!