Arran 13yo, 2005-2019, Whic, Nymphs of Whisky Collection #2





Highlands (Isle of Arran)



whic (Whiskycircle)

Cask type

ex-Bourbon Casks, Finish in Madeira Hogshead (#18, 363 btl.)


Sweet and fruity on the nose with stone fruits - yellow plums and apricots. Then the fruit becomes more exotic with pineapple and mango, undelined by vanilla sweetness, oak spice and a touch of nutty flavours.


The fruit sweetness flashes up shortly before an intense spiciness of white pepper and oak takes over, mixed with a slightly alcoholic bite. As soon as the warmth fades, fruity and creamy notes of stone fruit, juicy pears and toffee come to the fore, followed by creamy notes of milk chocolate towards the finish.


The finish is medium long and sweet with creamy fruit jam and dried fruit. Becomes drier on the tail with oak and subtle ginger spice.

With water

The nose is slightly more lively by adding a few drops of water. Dried fruits, sweet vanilla and a bit more oak spice in the back. Still fruity on the palate with stone fruit but with a significantly tamed spiciness. Only slightly warming with subtle oak spice and ginger. The finish shows medium length with creamy dried fruit and subtle dry oak.


A rich and fruity Arran Single Malt with a very well received finish in a Madeira hogshead. An abundance of fruit sweetness and creamy stone fruit aromas is balanced by a strong spiciness of pepper and oak, creating an exciting interplay of flavours that invites you to experiment with water. A delicate, exciting and wonderfully drinkable pleasure!


I thank whic (Whiskycircle) for the complimentary sample and the image!