Scallywag 9yo, The Chocolate Edition, Vintage 2009

Tasting Notes








Douglas Laing

Cask type

Sherry Butts and Bourbon Hogsheads (300 btl.)


Rich notes of baked apples - the yellow-red ones, nicely mixed with deep mocha, some cinnamon spice and a delicate touch of sweet vanilla. Very appealing.


Bold and rich on the palate with vanilla, red apples, toffee and dark chocolate. Spicy with oak and white pepper, followed by a hint of cinnamon. Dry notes of mocha and tobacco leaves linger towards the finish.


The finish is medium to long with dark chocolate, sweet vanilla, subtle walnuts and a touch of leather. Very harmoniously.

With water

Water brings out more chocolate and apple notes while the vanilla sweetness is a bit decreased. Still sweet on the palate with loads of chocolate and nice nutty tones. The finish shows medium length with creamy vanilla, dark chocolate and a bit of prickling oak spice on the tongue.


Nomen est omen! The name keeps its promises. This blended malt is characterised by rich chocolate notes, which lead to a wonderful pleasure experience with baked apples and fine spicy aromas. An ideal companion for dessert or simply doubled with chocolate. Also very well enjoyable with a few drops of water.