Scallywag, Easter Edition 2018

Tasting Notes








Douglas Laing (exclusive to Germany)

Cask type

Sherry Butts and Bourbon Hogsheads (444 btl.)


Quite fruity start on the nose. Dark berries in general but very complex and not easy to figure out. Vanilla with a touch of floral notes arrive, nicely mixed with caramel, ginger and a hint of hazelnut in the back. Very appealing.


Bold, sweet and creamy on the palate with sticky fruit jam, which again is hard to describe. Some dark fruits, berries, maybe brambles. This is followed by a warming mix of spices - black pepper, ginger and subtle cinnamon, complemented by tender dark chocolate towards the finish.


The finish shows medium length with lingering notes of slightly dry oak and hazelnut on the tail.

With water

Water brings out more spices on the nose, while the lingering fruitiness is a bit tamed. Quite sweet and creamy on the palate with sticky fruit, followed by a slightly warming spiciness of oak, ginger and some delicate milk chocolate towards the finish. The finish is medium to short with pleasant notes of milk chocolate and roasted bread.


Another great blended malt by Douglas Laing. Rich, deliciously sweet with a complex fruit, accompanied by warming spices and nutty chocolate tones. Optimally filled at 48% alcohol strength, strong and warming at the same time, this small batch bottling of the finest Speyside single malts is very well enjoyable without adding water.