Tullamore Dew XO, Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

Tasting Notes









Cask type

Finished in First-fill XO Demerara Rum Casks


The nose starts off with a potpourri of delicate tropical fruits - melon, banana, papaya, pineapple and mango. This is followed by a lingering spicy note of subtle oak and nutmeg, overlaid with vanilla and honey. An inebriant aroma!


A sweet and creamy start on the palate, but then the spiciness quickly takes over. Loads of black pepper, mixed with a whiff of oak and nutmeg. Once the spiciness fades, creamy and fruity notes take over, nicely interwoven with caramel and lingering honey. Less fruity than the nose promises.


The finish is short to medium long, creamy with tropical fruit jam and accompanied by delicate honey and toffee notes.

With water

A few drops of water tame the gorgeous tropical fruits while more oak and nutmeg are coming through. Still sweet and fruity on the palate with a significantly tamed spiciness. Pleasant notes of white pepper nicely mixed with creamy toffee, vanilla and honey. The finish is medium long and sweet with vanilla, toffee and a touch of dry oak on the tail.


This is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a glass! This Triple Blend Irish Whiskey captivates with its inebriant aroma of tropical fruits, accompanied by creamy vanilla and fine honey notes. On the palate this dram shows its other face: the spiciness almost attacks you completely unprepared, until the end the fine fruity and creamy notes take over again. This spiciness can be controlled well with water. An extremely interesting and tasty Irish dram with two faces, which I liked very much.


I thank Campari Deutschland GmbH for the complimentary sample!