Teerenpeli 4yo, VYS, Distiller's Choice

Tasting Notes





Single Malt from Finland



Distillery (bottled for Viskin Ystävien Seura)


Cask type

Bourbon Quarter Casks, finished in Madeira Casks


A fruity start on the nose with a nice potpourri of stewed fruits - quince, apricots and white peaches. Creamy with vanilla and a whiff of mint. The alcohol is very present but not really pungent. Behind that there's a touch of oak and pepper spice.


Bold and intense on the palate with a delicate sweetness of malt, barley sugar, and vanilla accompanied by stewed apricots, peaches and slightly bitter grape peel. This is followed by a warming spiciness of pepper and a hint of oak mixed with an alcoholic bite. A whiff of peat smoke towards the finish.


The finish is quite long and very warm. Becomes fairly spicy with black pepper, dry oak and a slightly bitter touch of grape peel with subtle tobacco notes.

With Water

A splash of water brings more fruity notes to the fore. The whisky becomes lighter and fresher, however, with an increased spiciness and even a touch of peat smoke in the background. The intensity and warmth is significantly tamed on the palate while the lovely sweetness and fruity aromas continue to be present. Subtle oak spice and white pepper towards the finish. The finish is a bit shorter with creamy sticky fruit jam, oak spice and a hint of dry tobacco leaves.


A rich, flavourful and powerful single malt from Finland. Seems to be well matured for an only 4 years old whisky with various layers of flavours. Sweet vanilla notes nicely mingle with the fruits of the madeira casks and a bold spiciness mixed with an alcoholic bite. A young but already good drinkable dram that can easily stand some water.


I thank Henrik Malmberg for the sample and the photograph!