PUNI NERO 3yo, 2016, Limited Edition, Italian Single Malt

Tasting Notes










Cask type

Pinot Noir Casks (3.000 btl.)


Quite fresh and fruity on the nose with red currant, raspberries and brumbles. This is complemented with a gentle touch of grain, lovely mixed with honey, vanilla and subtle lemons in the back. Still youngish with hints of new make, but improves significantly with air.


Sweet and smooth on the palate with vanilla, plums and dates, accompanied by a warming spiciness of oak, black pepper, ginger, and aniseed. Becomes slightly dry towards the finish.


The finish is long, warm and smooth with creamy vanilla and subtle caramel. Becomes dry with oak and a touch of bitter orange peel on the tail.

With Water

There's less freshness on the nose when water is added. Dark fruits dominate - brambles, cherries, and black currant. Still sweet and creamy on the palate with vanilla and a warming spiciness of pepper, ginger and prickling oak. The finish is a bit shorter, creamy and less dry with a noticeable increased spiciness of oak and pepper.


This limited bottling of the young Italian distillery PUNI is a rich and full-bodied single malt with a convincing fruitiness and warming spiciness derived from the pinot noir casks. Although only three years of age, the rough edges of the new spirit are slightly present on the nose while this dram already shows good character and maturity on the palate. Definitely more than a work in progress.

I thank Kirsch Whisky Import for the sample and the photograph!