Edradour-Ballechin-Cuvée 8yo, 2008-2016, Double Malt - Double Cask

Tasting Notes










Cask type

Edradour 2008 Sherry-Butt (#123) and three Ballechin 2008 ex-Bourbon-Barrels (#293/#294/#295).


The nose starts off with gentle smoke, subtle peat and a hint of coal. Behind that a lingering sweetness of sherry, oranges and cinnamon arrives, nicely mixed with delicate smoked ham and campfire notes. Very appealing!


The smoky and peaty flavours of the Ballachin become very prominent. This is nicely interwoven with a creamy sweetness of sherry, oranges, almonds and a gently warming spiciness of oak, pepper and cinnamon. The sweetness with oranges and vanilla slowly takes over with every sip, nicely balanced with the peat smoke.


The finish is long, sweet and warming with vanilla, pepper and cloves. Becomes slightly dry on the tail with peat, smoke and bonfire.

With Water

Water brings out some fresh and citric notes on the nose mixed with vanilla and subtle oranges, while the peaty and smoky flavours are pushed in the background. Significantly spicy on the palate with oak, pepper, smoke and subtle peat. Becomes dry towards the finish with a tamed sweetness. The finish is a bit shorter with warming notes of spiced oak, smoke and cloves. Very dry on the tail.


This is a rich, intense and quite savoury dram (no water please). The mix between smoke and sherry works pretty well. This cuvée is perfectly balanced with the sherry and fruity flavours of the Edradour single malt on one hand and the smoky and spicy aroma of the peated Ballechin whisky on the other. To me, definitely a good match for certain sherried Islay single malt whiskies.
I thank Kirsch Whisky Import for the sample and the photograph!